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Everybody’s Fine – Movie Review

Everybody’s Fine

Starring: Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell
Directed by Kirk Jones

Rated: PG-13
Run Time: 100 mins
Genre: Comedy/ Drama/ Adventure
4 frames out of 5

Holidays. Birthdays. Family get-togethers. All have a potential to be a recipe for disaster, unless you pretend that everything and everybody’s fine.

Frank Goode (Robert DeNiro) lives alone. His days consist of gardening, cleaning house and trying to pass the time, as you do when you are retired. Frank’s wife of 40 years passed away 8 months earlier and he is still trying to adjust.

As Frank is preparing for a visit from his adult children, he receives messages one by one that they have to cancel. This disappoints Frank as he has a health condition that prevents him from traveling. Being the crafty man he is he finds a loop hole in the doctors instruction’s and against his physician’s wishes, sets of to visit each of his children in their hometown as a surprise.

He starts by going to New York City to visit David. He waits and waits, but David never shows. As disheartening as it was to not see his son, he figures he’s busy and one of his siblings would be able to give him details. As he sets off to visit the rest of his children, Amy (Kate Beckingsale) in Chicago, Robert (Sam Rockwell) in Denver and Rosie (Drew Barrymore) in Las Vegas, he realizes that each one of his children is hiding something and not being completely honest.

Although the title suggests that Everybody’s Fine, parents (or the ones that care) usually know what’s brewing beneath the surface. People have their problems and usually put on a good show to prevent their loved ones from worrying or stress. It does seem to lag in some parts but DeNiro’s performance pulls you back into the story.

Things to watch for: Flashbacks of the children when they were young. DeNiro knocks this role out of the park. Very touching moments in the last 25 minutes of the film – full blown tissue alert.

Who should see this movie: Adults whose children are grown. The grown children of those adults. They should watch it together.

See it in the Theater or Rent it on DVD: If you are looking for a break from your holiday shopping or some bonding time with Mom & Dad, go see it in the theater. If not this would be a great rental or add to your home collection.


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