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The 4th Kind – Movie Review

The 4th Kind

Starring: Mila Jovovich, Will Patton
Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi

Rated PG-13
Run Time: 98 mins
Genre: Sci-fi/ Thriller/ Mystery/ Horror
4 frames out of 5

When you think of aliens, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Little green men, floating down from outer space in their tin can space ship? Or is it of the Steven Spielberg variety, that are loving adorable creatures that touch your heart? Hollywood over the years has shown us various forms of alien films – some ranging from funny and cute to the more horrific and terrifying.

Scientists classify alien contact in 4 stages or encounters. The 1st stage is when a UFO is spotted. The 2nd stage is when evidence is found of the UFO sighting such as a crop circle or such. The 3rd stage is when contact is made with the extraterrestrials and the 4th kind is when abduction occurs.
Dr. Abigail Taylor (Self and Mila Jovovich) runs a small psychiatric practice in the town of Nome, Alaska. In Nome, there has been a high amount of unsolved murders and abductions which the town people are starting to blame the feds for not doing enough to solve these cases. Dr. Taylor starts noticing a pattern with her patients which causes her to dig deep and uncover the mysteries that question the extraterrestrial material that has traumatized so many.

The 4th Kind is one of those movies that you walk out of the theater and wish that was more Hollywood than real. In some scenes the so-called “actual footage” is played side-by-side with the actor’s reenactment which is disturbing and chilling. This is more freaky than Paranormal Activity in some ways because the footage is stamped as actual footage which does a number on your mind.

Things to watch for: The actual footage. If you are easily disturbed or freaked out you may want to shut your eyes and get the hand earmuffs out, although nothing helps drown out the screams. It’s rated PG-13, so expect to see the younger crowd in there getting especially freaked out. Do not bring kids under the age of 12 or be prepared to be on nightmare patrol. Also, don’t do any research on the movie before hand – go into this with a clear mind and the experience will be more authentic.

Who should see this movie: Believers of alien life form. Horror movie fans. Skeptics – they make a pretty convincing case.

See it in the Theater or Rent it on DVD: Toss up. If you feel more comfortable watching horror or thrillers with a large group to not feel so alone, go watch it in the theater.


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  1. ABSOLUTELY! I love scary movies, and the trailer made me think this was going to be a good one, so I saw it this weekend. The real footage mixed with the reenactments works incredibly. You really feel the pain, the helplessness, and the fear of these poor people who’d been abducted in a really striking way. It gets you thinking about what might be out there. But most of all, it’s scary as hell. It ratchets the tension up and up and up, and never lets you go.

    Comment by layla | November 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. Well, I’ve just finished watching “The 4th Kind” and to be perfectly honest with All I did’nt even find it remotely disturbing or scary….amused in fact that the insertion of seemingly actual footage of inexplicable events and interviews of abductees to support the dramatisation of the events which supposedly occurred in Nome, Alaska in 2000 serves only to separate the movie as a whole from all other similiar alien visitation/abduction movies.

    Comment by Gerry | January 17, 2010 | Reply

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