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Jennifer’s Body – Movie Review

Jennifer’s Body

Starring Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfreid, Adam Brody
Directed by Karyn Kusama
Written by Diablo Cody

Rated R
Run Time 102 mins
Genre: Horror/ Comedy/ Thriller
3 frames out of 5

Every high school has one. That perfect girl. Perfect body, gets any guy she wants and does whatever she want, when she wants. Oh yeah she’s evil. For reals.

Jennifer and Needy have been B.F.F.’s since the sandbox days and have such a weird bond that even Needy doesn’t understand it. Some peeps think they are lesbo-rific, their bond is that close. Jennifer (Megan Fox) is the beautiful high school that is desired by all. Needy (Amanda Seyfried) is the plain Jane that stands by her best friends side no matter how much Jennifer pushes her around. Needy is involved in a serious relationship, while Jennifer plays the field and gets whomever she wants.

Jennifer finds, rather cyber-stalks, a band from of My Space that is playing at the local bar one night. She gets Needy to tag along and once at the bar she makes a beeline for the band, Low Shoulder. Nikolai, the bands leader (Adam Brody), is receptive to Jennifer’s advances when she offers to buy him a drink. Needy walks away from the stage but is within ear shot when Nikolai makes some comments about Jennifer’s virtue. Needy stands up for her friend and tells Jennifer but she doesn’t care, she just wants Nikolai.

As the band gets the show started, Jennifer is hypnotized by the charisma of Nikolai. A freak accident at the bar forces people to run for their lives. Jennifer and Needy make it out in time and amazingly, Nikolai did as well and lures Jennifer away from Needy, where she’s not sure if she will ever see her friend again. Oh, did you hear? The band is full of Satan Worshipers on their way to a perform a ritual. Rock on!

Later that night Jennifer shows up at Needy’s house but she’s never going to be the same. There’s just something freaky evil about her. Let the killings and one-liners commence.

Jennifer’s Body is the second script from Academy Award winner Diablo Cody (Juno). It’s what you can expect from Cody for the smart one liners that people will be no doubt be quoting and tweeting about. For it being a horror film, it has an even blend of sex, gore and comedy. It wasn’t too startling and visually looked good from the effects, casting and scenery. The storyline was interesting and keeps you entertain if you are one of those not going to see if for the physique of Megan Fox.

Things to watch for: Boner Alter: Yes guys, it does have a gratuitous kissing scene between the female leads. Lucky you. But for the ladies, Adam Brody looks pretty yummy as a goth lead singer.

Who should see this movie: Megan Fox droolers, Diablo Cody Fans, Horror Movie lovers, & hetero males aged 15-99.


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