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Extract – Movie Review


Starring Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, Kristen Wiig and Ben Affleck
Directed by Mike Judge

Rated R
Run time 91 mins.
3 out of 5 frames

Extract. Yeah, the stuff you put into baked goods to give it flavor. Exciting, right? Yeah not so much… except if you take a closer look at the people behind the concoction. Jason Bateman heads up this kooky comedy as Jake, a frustrated owner of an extract factory. He’s at a crossroads with everything in his life – from his sexually frustrating marriage, to sell or keep his business and dealing with his rag-tag band of factory floor workers. Even living in his well to-do neighborhood has it life sucking qualities, from the maintenance of his home and his ever-so obnoxious neighbor, who even as an audience member, I wanted to reach through the screen and smack.

An accident at the factory sets in motion a chain of events that shakes up everyone’s life. Shortly after the accident, a beautiful temp worker, Cindy (played by Mila Kunis) shows up with a mysterious past that puts additional stress to Jake’s problems. Jake seeking refuge from the stress in his life turns to his bartender buddy, Dean (Ben Affleck) for some friendly advice. Dean plays upon Jake’s troubles and brings everything to a whole new level, chock full of drugs, male gigolos and infidelity. Good times!

This ensemble cast you would think be freaking hilarious. Not to discount the film at all, as it did have many funny moments, but for me it was just ok. Some of the turns in the story were in left field that was just so… wrong. But people love that stuff. The chemistry between the actors was good but something was lacking for me.

Who should see this: Fans of Mike Judge, Arrested Development and people that love humor regarding whores, drugs and infidelity.


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