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The Ugly Truth – Movie Review

The Ugly Truth
Starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Buter
Directed by Robert Luketic

Rated R
Run time 96 minutes
4 out of 5 Frames

Let me start off by saying that this is a movie geared towards women primarily in the hopes that they will drag men to see this. Men should go and see this, they will be pleasantly surprised. The Ugly Truth stars Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy, Knocked Up, 27 Dresses) as Abby, an uptight News Program producer, whose morning show‘s ratings are sinking faster than the Titanic. Corporate is in a panic and are on the look out for some fresh ideas to drive up ratings or else the show is off the air. Abby’s career path has seen more success in recent years than her love life. Abby is like every other successful woman type that has mad the list of qualities that she is seeking in a man but has yet to find, which does this type ever really exist?

After going on particularly awkward date, she comes home and on the TV is guy ranting and raving why the women calling into his public access show and get a date. Meet Mike played by Gerard Butler (300, P.S. I Love You). He’s the overtly shallow, macho, masochistic male that is stereotypical. So kettle meets the pot. You are both black.
Abby, horrified at what Mike is preaching calls in to the show and they duel it out. Can you guess who wins? After the war of words, Abby frustrated, scares her cat who jumps out of her second story window and she follows. From this view she meets the man of her list, uh dreams, by saving her cat and getting more than she bargained for a first impression by her new neighbor.

The next morning, Abby, now euphoric, walks into her staff meeting with the station manager where they have hired a new employee. Bet you you’ll never guess who it is? Yep. It’s Abby’s favorite person in the world, Mike. Now that they meet face-to-face, Mike is smitten by Abby in a weird male way. Abby, smug that she has met the guy of her dreams, need some help landing him. Mike proves his worth by helping Abby land a first date.

With the ratings up and Abby’s career and love life back on track will she ever be friends with Mike? Or is there too much sexual tension between them that even Mr. Perfect doesn’t stand a chance when put to the test?

The Ugly Truth is a raunchy chick flick. Plain and Simple – nothing ugly about it. It’s refreshing to have a romantic comedy have an R Rating and let it push past the boundaries of traditional rom-coms that are pretty cheesy and predictable. Not that this movie doesn’t fall into the predictability trap, but it is more realistic and fun than most movies of this genre. It basically boils down to that men and women both have misconceived notions about each other and if they cut the crap and communicate they will be better off.

Who should see this movie: Women, men and dating couples.

Great moment to watch for: The restaurant scene for the work dinner. It takes the diner scene from When Harry Met Sally to a whole new level.


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