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The Time Traveler’s Wife – Movie Review

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams
Directed by Robert Schwentke

Rated PG-13
Run Time 107 mins
4 frames out of 5

As goofy as the concept is – a time traveler that gets married and disappears, causing strain in the relationship. Sounds like any other marriage nowadays, correct? However as sappy the concept may be there is true heart and a great message that is the core of the movie.

Based on the novel of the same title, Eric Bana stars as Henry DeTamble, our time traveler. Around the time he was 6 he avoided death by traveling out of the car and into a different moment of his life before he phased back into the present where he witnesses his mother’s death. An older version of Henry is there waiting for him to explain what had happened and tell him not to worry that things will be ok.

A few years go by and then Henry is then (re) introduced to Claire Abshire, played by Rachel McAdams, while working in a Chicago library. So far to this point Henry has been living a pretty dismal life while bouncing in and out of time frames. Claire has been in love with Henry, since the time she was 6 years old when he first appeared in a meadow behind her home. Oh by the way, did I mention when he does the time warp he is always buck nekkid on the other side? Fantastic!

The remainder of the movie is the various stages of the relationship is revealed. It bounces back and forth between the various stages and you don’t know which Henry is bouncing in and out of Claire’s life so it’s good to pay close attention. The last half hour of the film is tissue worthy as both actors’ chemistry and talent is in full force. The message of the movie really tugs at your heart strings and director Schwentke does a fantastic job of keeping a core theme. Find the perfection in each moment that you have and love no matter the circumstances. People may come and go from your life but love is eternal.

The studio marketing machine behind this film did a great job of capturing the essence of the film in the print ads and in the trailers.

Who should see this film: Women(obviously), People that are fans of the book, Romantic drama lovers and couples that want to spend time with each other.

If the ladies have to drag their guys to go see this be nice and sit through District 9.


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